Kitchen Display System

– A digital system that gives you complete overview of all orders!

The Kitchen Display System replaces all manual ordering systems. You get a real time view of all incoming orders whether it's from delivery, online or your restaurant. When the order comes in the kitchen is informed digitally via the Kitchen Display System. When the food ready the customer is notified automatically!
Kitchen Display System
How to grow your business!
100% overview on all your orders

This helps prioritizing group orders and dishes that requires longer preparing time. With the live timer you can see how much time has passed since the order came in and make new priority decisions.

Streamline your staff, time and resources.

All the processes are streamlined and drastically decreases the handling time from order to serving. In other words, the meal is delivered to you customer, fresh and fast!

Increase order accuracy and minimize mistakes

All communication between customer, checkout and kitchen are done digitally, direct and systematic. This means that the risk for mistakes in order are minimized and your customer receives a much better experience of your restaurant.

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